Terms and Conditions

  1. Bookings can be made via the website, over the telephone, by e-mail or at the site itself. Once your booking has been accepted, payment must be made within 24 hours Until such time the booking is not complete. First payments may be made online by card or bank transfer, final payments are to be made by bank transfer.  Extension stays can be made on site by cash. A 50% deposit is payable upon booking which is non-refundable. Full payment is required five weeks prior to arrival. If payment is not received the booking will be cancelled and any deposit retained.
  2. Bookings are not transferable. If the Covid situation remains vulnerable and the government enforces lockdown you will be able to change your booking with minimum one weeks notice, to a date within 12 months of the original booking. If the price of your chosen date is higher you will be required to pay the difference or move to a like for like date. We will not allow bookings to be moved due to government restrictions on the numbers of people able to be together or if a member or if you or your party contracts Covid.  Please think about this before you book, especially for group gatherings.  You should ensure you maintain social distancing throughout our site and follow our covid rules.
  3. It is a condition of your booking that you obtain appropriate travel insurance for all members of your group. This should ideally cover illness, bereavement, transport difficulties, extreme weather conditions and accidents during your stay. It should also provide cover for you not being able to attend on the dates booked due to events outside of our control as outlined in 10.
  4. You must be over 18 years old to make a booking and to stay on site without other adults.
  5. We welcome couples, families and groups but reserve the right not to accept hen or stag bookings.
  6. Cancellations will only be refunded if the accommodation is re booked and any refund will be subject the loss of the deposit.
  7. Balance payments are due 5 weeks before arrival, if a balance is overdue the booking will be held for 5 days, after this time if no contact has been made, we will cancel the booking and release the dates.
  8. We will try to ensure that all services and facilities connected with the site are available to you during your stay. If services and facilities are not available, no liability will attach to us and any refund is up to our discretion.
  9. We reserve the right to terminate your permission to stay on site immediately in the event that you or those in your party are in breach of these terms and conditions. In the event that permission to stay is terminated no monies will be refunded to you.
  10. We will not be responsible for any failure to perform our obligations under these terms and conditions that are caused by an event outside our control. An event outside our control means any act or event that is beyond our reasonable control, including without limitation severe weather event, drought, fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic, pandemic or other natural disaster, strikes or industrial action by third parties, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war or threat of war, civil commotion, riot, invasion, or failure of public or private telecommunications or electric networks.
  11. We will endeavour to put you in the glamping pod/tent/dome/shepherds lodge you choose but retain the change the location at our discretion.
  12. Monies will not be refunded in the event that some members of your group fail to arrive, or you leave the site early whatever the circumstances.
  13. Arrival and Departure – Your accommodation will be available from 4.00pm (Safari Tents) and 4.30 pm (Dome, Shepherds Lodge, Pod, Belle Tents) on the date of arrival and must be vacated by 10.00am on the date of departure. If you require extended departure time, this must be agreed by the owners in advance.
  14. The number of people occupying each accommodation must not exceed the number stated. Safari Tents 6 people including infants, Dome, Belle, Pod, Shepherds Lodge 4 people including infants.  Guests of Guests are strictly not allowed on site for insurance purposes.
  15. NNG prices can vary depending on many factors including time of booking. Only prices stated on the reservation statement are binding. We occasionally offer special offers and discounts these cannot be applied retrospectively after the confirmation has been received from NNG..
  16. Personal belongings are your responsibility and we will not be liable for any personal belonging lost or damaged during your stay. If any personal belongings are left, if contacted we will endeavour to return them on receipt of payment for return postage. Any left items will be disposed of after 14 days of the stay if we have not been informed.
  17. We will check that the accommodation and its contents are in working order before you arrive, on arrival please also check your property and advise us of anything that is broken or missing immediately. 
  18. Accommodation must be left clean and free of rubbish at departure or an additional charge may be applied. We do not include rubbish collection, it is to be placed in the recycling bin or general waste bins in the site car park. All bedding, towels, robes are to be left in the accommodation or a charge will be made. Please leave your accommodation clean and tidy.  All cooking pots, cutlery, glassware etc. are to be left clean, BBQ/Fire-pits/hot-tubs free of ash/food or an additional cleaning fee will apply from your damage deposit.
  19. There is a no smoking policy in all accommodation, you are welcome to smoke in the gardens, but all cigarette stubs must be disposed of in the ash tray and not littered on the ground.
  20. We cannot guarantee Wi-Fi as we are in a rural location and connection can be intermittent. We are not liable for any losses caused by failure of Wi-Fi.
  21. NNG will require a £200 damage deposit that will held against your card. We reserve the right to charge for any damages caused to the interior, exterior or contents of the accommodations  or any additional cleaning of bins, BBQ’s, fires  or linen. Please advise us as soon as this happens. By accepting these terms you agree to pay for damages.
  22. Please only put toilet paper down the WC, absolutely NO nappies, wipes or any other sanitary materials. Please use the sanitary disposal bags in a tied bag and place in the general waste. Please do not pour fat or fatty liquids down the kitchen sink. We retain the right to charge for the blocking of any sewers drains.
  23. We’re a family site, please respect your neighbours and switch off any external music after 10.00 pm and keep noise down to a respectable level.
  24. All Glampers are to be responsible for their own and their children’s safety. NNG is a small holding and we have goats, chickens, horses, goats and alpacas. Please do not feed any animals or go into any field with animals unless accompanied or agreed with the owners. We cannot be responsible if you get injured by any of the animals with or without our staff. We have grassed footpaths and beautiful countryside for you to enjoy please do so, but you are responsible for your own safety, we have no responsibility if you or your child falls out of a tree or has an accident within our play area. Please supervise children at all times.
  25. Safari Tents/Pods/Domes/Bell Tents /Shepherds Lodges -  are equipped with fire pits and some wood burners. It is the parents/guardian’s responsibility to ensure that young children do not place themselves in a situation whereby they can injure themselves by being vigilant of any potential incident. Whilst some accommodations have optional fireguards this may increase the deterrent of being close to a heat source, they do not guarantee safety. As with all glamping holidays, parental supervision is essential, at all times. NNG cannot be held liable for injuries sustained due to parents/guardians failing to supervise children around fire pits, wood burners and decking areas.
  26. Pre- booked horses are occasionally welcome, we will provide post and rail paddocks with electric wire to keep your horse safe, it is your responsibility to make sure that your horse does not roam free and cause danger to any other guests. We will not be liable for any damages or injury your horse may cause whilst staying with us. We reserve the right to ask you to leave if you behave irresponsibly and endanger other people or horses. If you do not clean up after your horse both in the stable and paddock, £50 fee will be charged from your deposit.
  27. Pre-booked well behaved dogs are welcome, one in each accommodation max unless agreed or stated prior. NNG is situated within open country-side with lots of rabbit holes, if you think your dog may wander then seriously consider whether you would want to bring it. We have free range animals on site (in paddocks) and dogs should be prevented at all times from causing anxiety or harm to any animals or livestock. Dogs must be kept on max 3 meter leads at all times and can never be left in the accommodation alone. No dogs are strictly permitted on beds or furniture, we ask you to bring your own dog bed. If any dogs have been on the beds or furniture an additional cleaning charge may apply. Your pet is your responsibility at all times, and we cannot be held liable for your pet during your stay. We reserve the right to ask any party to terminate their holiday if a pet cannot abide by these requirements or adversely affects another guests’ stay. In the event that your pet should injure any animals on site then you may be asked to remove your pet from site.



Hot tubs must not be used after 10pm or before 8am
ALWAYS keep the hot tub COVERED and the COVER STRAPS SECURED when not in use. This
will conserve energy and prevent any person/animal or debris from falling into the tub.
NO GLASS to be used in or around the hot tub, DO NOT INTRODUCE sand, mud, stones, sticks
etc to the tub - it breaks the pumps.
NO JUMPING OR BALL GAMES. DO NOT lie, sit or stand on the hot tub lid.
I will only use suitable wood from North Norfolk Glamping. I will not  burn coal as this will damage the hot-tub.
LONG HAIR must be put up into ponytail at least so as to avoid getting it caught in the filter/pump
or drain. DO NOT immerse your head in any circumstances.
I understand that the hot-tub may take several hours to heat depending on the outside temperature and how well I tend to its fire. The owners are not responsible for heating the tub.
The hot tub is temperature is not set as this is controlled by the fire/Stove. This may be above body temperature, so please use with caution.
NO CHILDREN UNDER 4 and children under 16 years old must be supervised at all times.
NO ALCOHOL, DRUGS, VAPING OR SMOKING in the hot tub. The hot water will amplify and
speed the effects of any alcohol or drugs making you drowsy, and falling asleep in hot water can
be very dangerous. In addition to the risk of drowning, your body cannot regulate its temperature
as well when you are asleep which can lead to serious overheating.
SOLO BATHING - please soak with a friend, bathing solo is not a good idea - look after each
NEVER USE ELECTRICAL DEVICES in or near the hot tub. This includes phones and iPads
etc. Please remember music is not allowed outside the yurt or played loudly from inside.
NO FAKE TAN - if you have used fake tan please do not use the hot tub - if it has to be cleaned by
a professional you will be charged.
SHOWER before use to remove oils creams etc to keep the water clear.
BEFORE MOVING. When not in use please secure clips as the wind may rip and break clips and you will be charged for damages.
NO EATING in the hot tub
* * * Warnings * * *
Pregnant women should avoid submerging their stomachs in a hot tub as the temperature is far
too hot for the foetus.
If you have heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes you should check with your doctor
before using a hot tub.
Do not use the Hot Tub if you are unwell, suffer from heat allergy or have open wounds.
Exit immediately if you see lightning and take shelter.
This hot tub is treated with chlorine if you are allergic to any pool chemicals you should not use this hot tub. The owner reserves the right to test the water at any time and address any safety issues with the water quality.
We accept no responsibility for any reactions or illness you experience following use of the hot tub.
Any direct damage caused to the hot tub or the lid should be reported to the owners immediately
and will have to be charged.
When re-entering the yurt please be careful as wet feet on the hard flooring can result in slipping
and injury.

Agreement to these terms must be made when booking your stay.